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CBHS-F550 50 cc/rev Hydraulic Gear Pump

Product Type:Hydraulic Gear Pump

Product Series:CBHS-F5 Series Hydraulic Gear Pump

Displacement:50 cc/rev



Netweight:13.00 kg

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  • 32 cc/rev
  • 50 cc/rev
  • 63 cc/rev
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Shaft Type H: Rectangle Spline,X: Involute Spline,P: Plain Key
Flange Version B-Square Flange
Material Cast Iron
Structure Internal Gear Pump
Rotation L: Left (counter-clockwise),R: Right (clockwise)
Max Speed 2200 r/min
Rated Speed 2000 r/min
Rated Pressure 20 MPa (2900 psi)

The CBHS-F5 Hydraulic Gear Pump is a high performance hydraulic pump that provides reliable hydraulic power for a variety of hydraulic systems. The pump is available in a wide range of rated displacements, with a rated pressure of 200bar and a maximum pressure of 250bar.It is equipped with a high-strength cast-iron pump body, square flange mounting, rectangular spline input shaft, flanged inlet/outlet ports and features stable and reliable performance and easy installation. performance and easy installation.

Main features:

1. Multiple rated displacements available: CBHS-F5 hydraulic gear pumps offer a wide range of rated displacements available for hydraulic systems with different flow requirements,  to meet diversified user needs.

2. High pressure performance: the pump has a rated pressure of 200 bar and a maximum pressure of 250 bar, which has good pressure adaptability and can cope with high pressure working conditions in the hydraulic system to ensure stable operation of the system.

3. High-strength cast iron pump body: CBHS-F5 hydraulic gear pump adopts the pump body made of high-strength cast iron material, which has excellent durability and pressure-resistant ability, and is able to run stably for a long time under the harsh environment.

4. Square flange mounting: The pump is mounted with square flange mounting, which is easy to install and fix, and improves the convenience and stability of installation.

5. Rectangular spline input shaft: the input shaft adopts rectangular spline design, which ensures solid and reliable connection with the transmission device and reduces the risk of failure caused by poor transmission.

Flange connection of inlet and outlet ports: the inlet and outlet ports adopt flange connection, which is easy to connect with the pipeline of the hydraulic system to ensure the smooth flow of hydraulic oil and reduce the risk of leakage.

Applicable scenes:

CBHS-F5 hydraulic gear pump is suitable for various hydraulic systems, including industrial machinery, agricultural equipment, construction machinery and other fields. Its stable and reliable performance, a variety of rated displacement options and ease of installation make it widely used in hydraulic power transmission systems under various working conditions.