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CBHST1-UNI-63 63 cc/rev Hydraulic Gear Pump

Product Type:Hydraulic Gear Pump

Product Series:CBHST1-UNI Series Hydraulic Gear Pump

Displacement:63 cc/rev



Netweight:16.92 kg

Availability: In Stock

  • 32 cc/rev
  • 40 cc/rev
  • 50 cc/rev
  • 63 cc/rev
  • 80 cc/rev
  • 100 cc/rev
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Shaft Type H: Rectangle Spline,X: Involute Spline
Flange Version UNI-3 Mounting Holes
Material Cast Iron
Structure Swashplate
Rotation /: (Bidirectional)
Max Speed 2000 r/min,2500 r/min
Rated Pressure 23 MPa (3335 psi)

CBHST1 SK UNI Gear Pump: Power and Precision Combined

High Strength Cast Iron Body: Unmatched Durability

Experience the pinnacle of durability and reliability with the CBHST1 SK UNI Gear Pump. Crafted from high strength cast iron, this pump boasts exceptional robustness, ensuring a long-lasting performance that withstands even the harshest operating conditions. Count on its sturdy construction to deliver consistent results and meet your demanding industrial needs.

High Performance Sealing: Uncompromising Efficiency

Efficiency is paramount when it comes to industrial machinery, and the CBHST1 SK UNI Gear Pump excels in this aspect. Equipped with high-performance sealing technology, it guarantees minimal leakage, allowing for optimal fluid transfer and reducing wastage. With a wide operating temperature range of -20°C to +120°C, this pump is designed to thrive in diverse environments, maintaining its performance regardless of extreme conditions.

Versatile Inlet Shaft Options: Tailored to Your Requirements

We understand that versatility is crucial in industrial applications, and the CBHST1 SK UNI Gear Pump delivers precisely that. Featuring two types of rectangle spline inlet shafts, this pump offers flexibility in connecting to different systems and equipment. Seamlessly adapt it to your specific needs and maximize its functionality with ease.

Flexible Inlet/Outlet Port Positions: Adaptability at Its Finest

The CBHST1 SK UNI Gear Pump provides multiple inlet/outlet port positions to suit various installation requirements. Whether you prefer side in side out, side in bottom out, or bottom in bottom out, this pump offers the versatility you need for seamless integration into your existing setup. Choose the configuration that fits your application best and experience unparalleled adaptability.

Conclusion: Unleash the Power of the CBHST1 SK UNI Gear Pump

With its high strength cast iron body, superior sealing capabilities, versatile inlet shaft options, and flexible port positions, the CBHST1 SK UNI Gear Pump is the ultimate solution for your industrial pumping needs. Expect exceptional performance, unmatched durability, and seamless adaptability, all packed into a compact and reliable package. Trust in the CBHST1 SK UNI Gear Pump to revolutionize your operations and propel your productivity to new heights.