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LVA1-95 Manual 1 Spool Log Splitter Valve

Product Type:Log Splitter Valve

Product Series:LVA1-95 Series Log Splitter Valve

Control Method:Manual

Spool:1 Spool



Netweight:4.10 kg

Availability: In Stock

  • 1 Spool
  • Manual
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Ambient Temperature Range -40°C to +80°C (-40°F to +176°F)
Operating Viscosity Range 15 - 75 mm²/s (15 cSt to 75 cSt)
Max Pressure 315 bar (4600 psi)
Rated Flow 95 L/min (25.1 US gpm)
Structure Type Monoblock valve
Section 1 Section

The LVA1-95 split machine valve adopts a lever mechanism, which can realize the axial movement of the valve core, thereby achieving seamless switching of the oil circuit. Say goodbye to tedious manual adjustments and welcome easy-to-use operation.

One of the outstanding features of the log shunt valve is its excellent overload protection capability. Never worry about potential damage caused by excessive stress or overloading of your equipment. This valve ensures your log splitter remains safe and protected, giving you peace of mind during the wood splitting process.

With its compact construction, log shunt valves offer a space-saving solution without compromising performance. Whether your work space is limited or you need a portable option, this valve can meet your needs. Its versatility allows easy integration into different log splitting machines, ensuring compatibility and worry-free installation.

Flexibility is key when controlling a log splitter, and the LVA1-95 valve provides just that. You can freely adjust the oil circuit of the splitter without any effort, giving you complete control over the splitting process. Experience greater precision and maximize the efficiency of your wood splitting operations with this advanced valve.

The log splitting valve is specially used to control the oil circuit of the log splitting machine to provide the best performance. Its professional design ensures seamless compatibility and seamless integration. Achieve faster and more stable log splitting operations, saving time and effort while achieving excellent results.

In addition to their excellent performance, log shunt valves are also known for their reliability. This valve can withstand rigorous use and is designed with durability in mind. Count on its sturdy construction to withstand the demands of heavy log cutting, ensuring long-lasting performance and minimizing downtime.