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PC-1220-250-1 Pneumatic 1 Spool Monoblock Directional Valve

Product Type:Monoblock Directional Valve

Product Series:PC-1220-250-1 Series Monoblock Directional Valve

Control Method:Pneumatic

Spool:1 Spool



Netweight:6.13 kg

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  • Pneumatic
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Introduce PC-1220-250-1 pneumatic lifting valve, which is an efficient and reliable pneumatic control valve suitable for a wide range of lifting applications. Whether in the manufacturing, automotive, or other industrial sectors, the PC-1220-250-1 pneumatic lift valve can provide you with precise and reliable pneumatic lift control.

Efficient lifting

The PC-1220-250-1 pneumatic lifting valve is designed to provide efficient and precise lifting operations. Its sensitive pneumatic control mechanism ensures smooth lifting of heavy objects in industrial environments.

extensive use

This valve is suitable for various occasions, including but not limited to:

Manufacturing industry: suitable for manufacturing processes that require pneumatic lifting, such as assembly lines and material handling.

Automotive industry: Perfect for car repair shops and repair centers, convenient for lifting and repairing vehicles.

Construction engineering: used for construction equipment, can help lift heavy materials and components.

Warehouse logistics: Perform cargo lifting operations in warehouses and logistics centers.

main features 

Model: PC-1220-250-1

Pneumatic control: Provides precise and responsive control of lifting operations.

Maximum working pressure: 250 PSI

Valve type: lifting valve

Compact design: The compact size of the valve makes it easy to install and integrate into existing pneumatic systems.

Durable structure: Made of high-quality materials, ensuring long-term reliability in harsh environments.

Easy to install and integrate

The PC-1220-250-1 pneumatic lift valve is designed to be simple, easy to install and integrate into existing pneumatic systems. Its compact design and multiple installation options make it suitable for various devices, saving installation time and costs.

Pneumatic control for improving efficiency

By choosing the PC-1220-250-1 pneumatic lifting valve, you will invest in improving the efficiency and productivity of lifting operations. Accurate pneumatic control ensures accurate and safe lifting operations, reduces downtime, and improves workflow efficiency.