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SD14 Manual 1 Spool Monoblock Directional Valve

Product Type:Monoblock Directional Valve

Product Series:SD14 Series Monoblock Directional Valve

Control Method:Manual

Spool:1 Spool



Netweight:4.70 kg

Availability: In Stock

  • Manual
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Section 1 Section

  1. Flow Rate of 120l/min: The SD14 valve offers a flow rate of 120 liters per minute, which is suitable for handling various hydraulic functions on tractors, such as lifting, steering, and operating auxiliary attachments.

  2. One-Section Valve: Being a one-section valve means it controls a single hydraulic function or circuit. This simplicity makes it easy to install and operate, which is advantageous for tractor applications where space and simplicity are key considerations.

  3. Good Price: The valve is available at a competitive price point, providing affordability without compromising on quality. This makes it an attractive option for tractor owners or manufacturers looking for cost-effective hydraulic solutions.

  4. Application to Tractors: The SD14 valve is specifically designed for tractor hydraulic systems. With its moderate flow rate and one-section design, it can effectively control various hydraulic functions commonly found in tractors, ensuring smooth and efficient operation.