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P9-80 80 cc/rev Hydraulic Piston Pump

Product Type:Hydraulic Piston Pump

Product Series:P Series Hydraulic Piston Pump

Displacement:80 cc/rev



Netweight:19.86 kg

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  • 32 cc/rev
  • 45 cc/rev
  • 63 cc/rev
  • 80 cc/rev
  • 100 cc/rev
  • 125 cc/rev
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Shaft Type H: Rectangle Spline
Flange Version ISO-4 Mounting Holes,UNI-3 Mounting Holes
Material Cast Iron
Structure Swashplate
Rotation /: (Bidirectional)
Max Speed 1000 r/min
Rated Speed 1300 r/min
Rated Pressure 30 MPa (4351 psi)

P9-80 Piston Pump: Unleash the Power of Fluid Control

Are you in search of a piston pump that combines strength, performance, and versatility? Look no further than the P9-80 Piston Pump. With its high strength cast iron body, high-performance sealing capabilities, and flexible inlet/outlet port positions, this exceptional pump is designed to revolutionize your fluid control operations. Join us as we delve into the remarkable features and benefits of the P9-80 Piston Pump.

Unparalleled Strength with a Cast Iron Body The P9-80 Piston Pump boasts a high strength cast iron body, ensuring exceptional durability and reliability even in demanding environments. This robust construction guarantees a long lifespan, allowing you to tackle fluid control tasks with confidence. Experience the power of a pump built to endure.

High-Performance Sealing for Optimal Functionality With its high-performance sealing capabilities, the P9-80 Piston Pump ensures leak-free operation, maintaining consistent fluid control. Its sealing materials are designed to withstand a wide temperature range, from -20°C to +120°C, enabling reliable performance in various operating conditions. Trust in the P9-80 Piston Pump to handle the heat and deliver precise fluid control.

Flexible Inlet Shaft and Port Positions The P9-80 Piston Pump offers versatility with two kinds of rectangle spline options for the inlet shaft. This flexibility allows you to customize the pump to fit your specific requirements. Moreover, the pump offers multiple inlet/outlet port positions, including side in side out, side in bottom out, bottom in bottom out, and more. Enjoy the convenience of configuring the pump according to your fluid control needs.

Unleash the Power of Fluid Control Equip yourself with the P9-80 Piston Pump and experience the next level of fluid control performance. Its high strength cast iron body ensures durability, while the high-performance sealing guarantees leak-free operation in extreme temperatures. With flexible inlet shaft and port positions, this pump adapts to your unique requirements. Don’t settle for anything less than precise and reliable fluid control. Choose the P9-80 Piston Pump and unleash the power of fluid control.