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YPM-50S 50 cc/rev Hand Pump

Product Type:Hand Pump

Product Series:YPM-50S Series Hand Pump

Displacement:50 cc/rev



Netweight:5.30 kg

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  • 50 cc/rev
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Material Cast Iron
Rated Pressure 25 MPa (3625 psi)

Manual operation: YPM-50S manual pump is a manually operated hydraulic pump, usually through the handle or handle to achieve the operation of the pump, easy to operate.

Working principle: The pump generates liquid pressure through manual operation to drive hydraulic oil into the hydraulic system, so as to achieve the movement or work of the actuator (such as hydraulic cylinder or hydraulic tool).

Scope of application: The YPM-50S hand pump is commonly used in applications requiring portable or small hydraulic power, such as field maintenance, emergency rescue, construction sites, etc.

Hydraulic working pressure: Usually, the working pressure of the YPM-50S manual pump is adjustable within a certain range to meet different work needs.

Flow output: Depending on the specific design, the flow output of the pump may vary, usually providing a certain hydraulic flow to meet the needs of the work.

Durability and reliability: YPM-50S hand pumps are typically made of rugged materials with high durability and reliability, and are capable of stable operation in harsh working environments for long periods of time.

Suitable liquids: The pump is usually suitable for common hydraulic fluids, but may vary according to manufacturer's requirements.

Safety: YPM-50S hand pumps are usually designed with safety in mind and may be equipped with various safety valves and overload protection devices to ensure operator and equipment safety.

Overall, the YPM-50S hand pump is a common hydraulic tool, suitable for manual operation to provide hydraulic power in a variety of occasions, with high reliability, easy to operate and so on.