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HSV06 Solenoid 1 Spool Flow Diverter Valve

Product Type:Flow Diverter Valve

Product Series:HSV06 Series Flow Diverter Valve

Control Method:Solenoid

Spool:1 Spool



Netweight:3.00 kg

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  • Solenoid
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Rated Flow 50 L/min (13.2 US gpm)
Structure Type Sectional valve
Section 1 Section,2 Section,3 Section

HSV06 solenoid selector valve is a solenoid valve usually used in fluid control systems. The following is a description of its general characteristics:

Working principle: HSV06 electromagnetic flow selector valve controls the movement of the valve core through electromagnetic excitation, thereby changing the flow direction of the fluid or preventing the passage of the fluid.

Fluid type: Generally suitable for liquid or gas fluid control, it can be suitable for different types of fluids depending on the specific design and material selection.

Flow control: HSV06 electromagnetic flow selector valve can control the flow of fluid from fully closed to fully open, as well as various flow controls in between.

Flow selection function: This kind of valve is usually designed as multi-channel and can switch different fluid flow directions according to the control signal. This feature is useful for systems that require changing flow direction under different conditions.

Electrical control: HSV06 solenoid flow selector valve is controlled by external electrical signals, usually using voltage or current signals for activation.

Application fields: Common applications include industrial automation systems, hydraulic systems, pneumatic systems, laboratory equipment and other occasions that require fluid control.

Reliability and Durability: HSV06 solenoid flow selector valves are generally designed to be durable and reliable devices, capable of stable operation over a long period of time in a variety of environmental and working conditions.

Size and installation: This type of valve is usually available in a variety of sizes and installation methods to suit the needs of different systems.

In general, the HSV06 solenoid flow selector valve is an important device for fluid control with multiple functions and a wide range of applications.