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HSV09-DKL Solenoid 1 Spool Flow Diverter Valve

Product Type:Flow Diverter Valve

Product Series:HSV09-DKL Series Flow Diverter Valve

Control Method:Solenoid

Spool:1 Spool



Netweight:4.80 kg

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  • 1 Spool
  • 2 Spool
  • 3 Spool
  • Solenoid
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Ambient Temperature Range -40°C to +80°C (-40°F to +176°F)
Operating Viscosity Range 15 - 75 mm²/s (15 cSt to 75 cSt)
Max Pressure 250 bar (3600 psi)
Rated Flow 90 L/min (23.8 US gpm)
Structure Type Sectional valve
Section 1 Section,2 Section,3 Section

HSV09 Dacromet solenoid valve is a device that uses electromagnetic principles to control fluid flow. It consists of an electromagnet and a valve. By controlling the current of the electromagnet, the switching state of the valve is controlled, thereby controlling the fluid.

Solenoid valves usually consist of the following parts:

Electromagnet (coil): When an electric current is passed, the electromagnet creates a magnetic field that causes the moving parts of the valve to move.

Valve: A valve is a mechanical component that controls fluid flow. It switches the valve channel according to the state of the electromagnet to control the flow of fluid.

Spring: Some solenoid valves require a spring to restore the valve to its default state, such as a closed state, when the current is disconnected.

Seals: There are usually seals around valves to ensure that they do not leak when closed.

Solenoid valves are widely used in various industrial and civil fields, including hydraulic systems, pneumatic systems, water supply systems, heating systems, air conditioning systems, etc., to control parameters such as the flow direction, flow rate, and pressure of liquids or gases.