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HSV09 Solenoid 1 Spool Flow Diverter Valve

Product Type:Flow Diverter Valve

Product Series:HSV09 Series Flow Diverter Valve

Control Method:Solenoid

Spool:1 Spool



Netweight:4.80 kg

Availability: In Stock

  • Solenoid
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Operating Viscosity Range 15 - 75 mm²/s (15 cSt to 75 cSt)
Max Pressure 250 bar (3600 psi)
Rated Flow 90 L/min (23.8 US gpm)
Structure Type Sectional valve
Section 1 Section,2 Section,3 Section

Introduction to the HSV9 Directional Control Valve: Unleashing Efficient Flow Control

The HSV9 Series selector valve is a powerful solution designed to meet your fluid control needs with the highest precision and versatility. With its exceptional ability to switch between circuits, regardless of changes in flow and pressure, this valve is a game changer in fluid management. Whether you are looking to direct service line flow to different equipment or distribute flow between multiple circuits, the HSV9 directional control valve is your first choice.

Unparalleled flexibility and increased efficiency

The HSV9 directional control valve uses advanced technology to easily and seamlessly switch between two independent devices. By connecting this valve to the service port of a directional control valve, you have complete control over the flow of each device. This flexibility ensures optimized performance as you can effectively manage processes according to the specific requirements of your system.

Efficient dispensing for precise fluid distribution

In addition to seamless device switching capabilities, HSV9 valves effortlessly connect to pumps. This feature enables you to direct flow to either of two different circuits, providing precise fluid distribution based on your operational needs. With HSV9 valves, you can ensure fluid resources are allocated efficiently, optimizing performance and increasing productivity.

Reliable performance and highest production efficiency

When it comes to fluid control, reliability is critical. HSV9 directional control valves provide consistent performance under a wide range of operating conditions. Its sturdy construction and high-quality materials guarantee durability and longevity, making it a reliable choice for demanding applications. You can trust HSV9 valves to stand the test of time, deliver superior performance and help increase your overall productivity.

Easy to install and seamless integration

Installing the HSV9 valve is a breeze, thanks to its user-friendly design. The valve is engineered to integrate seamlessly into existing fluid control systems, ensuring a hassle-free setup process. Its compact size and versatile mounting options make it easy to install in a variety of configurations, providing flexibility and convenience.


The HSV9 directional control valve sets new standards in fluid control with its exceptional switching capabilities and efficient flow management. Whether you need to direct flow between devices or distribute it to different circuits, this valve provides unparalleled flexibility and reliability. Easy to install and seamlessly integrated, HSV9 valves optimize your fluid control system and contribute to the success of your operation. Choose the HSV9 directional control valve and experience more efficient flow control than ever before.